Design, development, and assembly of fair stands,
sets, and stages.

The staff of Vedin OOD will always be there for you to help you present yourselves in the best possible way at any exhibition or fair you wish to participate.

Production Stages:

1. The customer explains to us what he needs.

2. We design and develop and overall concept and vision.
At this stage we use state-of-the-art design and construction technologies with 3-D visualization so as to give the customer a clear idea of what exactly the finished product will look like.

3. We then fine-tune the design that we have showed to the customer.

4. We manufacture the individual items that constitute the project.

5. Assembly stage:

5.1. First we lay down the floors:
• The area is covered with carpet, laminated flooring panels, sidewalk-type tiles on top of a sand bed, grass or other surfaces as the customer may choose;
• Decks – we raise the floor inside the stand by 12 centimeters off the main floor in the area (we can also light up the deck). This is standard procedure for pavilions.

5.2. Then we erect the structure itself using:
• Octanorm modular frames;
• Steel frames (studs and joists);
• Laminated particleboard or MDF;
• Drywall;

5.3. At this stage we put in the electrical system and lighting fixtures;

5.4. Finally, we install the graphic elements such as custom-designed holographic letters, texts or logos developed by us based on the logos, captions, or slogans of the customer.

6. Finish work: To give your stand a finished look, we offer:

- High-quality furniture and fixtures;
- Attractive lighting;
- Flowers and greenery;
- Designing and printing custom advertising images and holographic images;

7. Control: We supervise and control the production and assembly of every stand on daily basis.

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